The National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham 26/06/2008

Photos of Richard, Litty, & Isobel's trip to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.
These were all taken on my camera phone because I forgot to bring my camera!

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Litty & Izzy with Nemo.         


Shark          Shark

Ray          Ray




Star fish          Lobster


Lobster          Ray


Ray          Ray


Ray          Ray


Sea horse          Sea horse


Sea horse          Jelly fish






Turtle          Snake neck turtle


Turtle          Turtle


Turtle eggs          Turtle


Izzy & Litty          Turtles


Giant turtles          In the maze of mirrors


Touching a crab          Touching a crab


Ray          Ray






Sea horse          Sea horse


Jelly fish          Jelly fish


Otter          Otter


Otters          Otter


Otter          Otters


Shark          Izzy & litty beign eaten by a shark