Hammamet, Tunisia Oct/Nov 2001

This is a selection of photos from our holiday to Tunisia in October/November 2001. This was a fanatastic holiday made even more special by the excellent hotel staff.

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The beautiful beach.



Isobel & Sara.

Jammin' !
Samir, Felicity & Ellen.

Isobel & James

Samir (or is it Thierry Henry?!)

Doing the "hotel dance".
"Zama, Zama"

The Medina in Hammamet town.

Isobel & "Bloody Charlie"!

Say "cheese"!

Ellen's in there somewhere....

Samir, Charlie & James.

Rebecca, Sara, Amy & Tracy.
Rebecca now lives in Tunisia with James
from the previous photo.

Happy Birthday to you...........
Celebrating Ellen's 7th birthday.

Ellen & Samir.

The harbour in Hammamet town.


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