Mick's 40th Birthday

On the 5th of August 2002 Richard's brother Michael (or Mick) had his 40th birthday. A few days before his actual birthday Mick's wife, Carol, arranged a surprise birthday for family & friends. Here are some pictures from the party.

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Isobel & Ellen enjoying a cool ice lolly in the hot sun.

Felicity on the bouncy castle also enjoying an ice lolly.
That's Katie immediately to the left & Ben on the far right. These are Alan Conneely's offspring!

Felicity & Ellen on the bouncy castle.

Felicity & Ellen again, talking to Katie (Alan Conneely's daughter)

Mick & his mate Chrissy Haines (not sure on the spelling).

Mick & Isobel.

Felicity & Aiden (Mick's son, Richard's nephew).

Sara, Isobel & Ellen.

Isobel, Ellen, Felicity, Holli-Ann (Mick's daughter, Richard's niece) & ?

Sue Barnes & Pete Green (Richard & Mick's Aunt & Uncle)