Family Reunion

In August 2002 some relatives from Montrose New York came to the UK for a visit. Susan is Richard's dad's uncle's daughter, so we think that makes her Richard's 2nd cousin (although we could be wrong!). Traveling with her were her husband, Craig, & her two boys, Thomas & Christopher. On Aug 23 we took over the restaurant at the Three Horseshoes in Towersey & had dinner along with a few family friends (21 people in total). On Aug 25 we had a family barbecue at Richard's mum & dad's house. There were around 20 people there, but not the same 20 people who went to dinner two days before! Confused? Well you should be able to see who was at which function when you check out the pictures below!

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Dinner at the Three Horseshoes August 23 2002

All these pictures were taken by Craig.


This is where the dinner took place.

Ruby, Linda & Carol in the pub garden.

Sue & Mick

Mick, Carol, Holli-Ann & Aiden

Felicity on the slide

Carol & Aiden (with Granny Pat in the background)

Sue, Felicity & Aiden

Chunky & family

Mick, Carol, Sara, Richard & Isobel at the bar.

Aiden, Felicity & Ellen

Chunky & Sue

Sara & Isobel

Mick, Sue, Tom & Chris

Felicity with Isobel, Granny Pat & Grampy Eric in the background.

It was Towersey Festival weekend so we were treated to an impromptu
performance from some of the musicians performing at the festival.

Aiden & Mick

Richard, Sue, Bert & Mick at the bar (what a surprise)

Pat with some of her grandchildren

Aiden, Carol & Holli-Ann (Pat's in the background)

Tom & Chris. They look happy, don't they?!

Barbecue at Pat & Eric's Country Residence August 25 2002

These pictures were taken by Richard & Craig. If it's a good photo then it must be one of Richard's. The crap ones are Craig's!

This is where it all happened

Holli-Ann & Felicity


Mick the chef!

Having lunch

Having more lunch

Everybody's looking very serious!

That's it, you take it easy Bert!

Richard & Susan

Robert & Alison

Alison, Dawn, Bert & Susan.


The garden's big enough to play baseball in!



...or at least you can try to!



Take 1.........................................Take 2


Ellen. That looks like a can of Stella, but it's not I promise!


Suddenly he's master chef!

Craig & Carol


Aiden & Felicity


Felicity, Ellen & Isobel


Stuart & Holli-Ann

Carol, Sara & Isobel

Ellen & Richard

Craig setting up the family photo.........20 minutes later.......'s the result!

Sara & Ellen........& Isobel

Craig, Susan, Mick & Carol

Checking out the gramophone!