A Selection of Family Photos

As the title suggests, this is a selection of family photos from both sides of our family (the Higgs side & the Haywood side). From time to time I will add new pictures onto this page so keep coming back to check for recent additions..

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Nan & Grampie Higgs's wedding photo taken in 1930 outside their house at Bennett End.

This is Richard's Grampie Higgs in his brass band uniform (possibly Marlow Town Band?).
I don't know when the picture was taken, but I'm guessing it was some time in the 1930s).




This is Eric Higgs (Richard's dad). We think he's about 4 in this
picture so that would mean that this picture was taken around 1936.

This is (L to R) Richard's Grandma Green, Richard's mum (Pat) &
(we think) Richard's uncle Eric. Grandma Green sadly died about
20 years ago. Not sure when this photo was taken (early 40s?).

I think this is the same three as are in the photo above but a few years later.

Sara's Nanny Huggett

This is a picture of Reg Haywood (Sara's dad) taken around May 1945

Richard's Great Grampy Green. I have no idea when this photo was taken but it looks like it was some time in the 1950s.

Richard's Great Grandma Green. Again I have no idea when this photo was taken but it could be some time in the 1950s.


Great Uncle Bert's wedding photo taken circa 1950.

Mum 1961

Richard's mum (Pat Higgs), Dawlish(?), Summer 1961.

This is Michael Higgs (Richard's brother) aged 8 weeks old with his dad, Eric.
Taken in 1962.

This is Michael again, aged about 11 months.

Pat & Reg Haywood

Reg. It was obviously a hard day!

Andrea (Sara's aunt).

Richard in his pram Spring 1967 (about 8 months old).
Everybody say aah!

Taken on the same day as the above photo. I've obviously
now woken up and I'm going for a ride on my rocking horse!

Richard & his dad, Eric. Also taken on the same day as the above two photos.

Richard in his pram, again around Spring 1967

Michael & Richard in Spring/Summer 1967. I've no idea where this was taken



I believe these were all taken at Westward Ho, summer 1967.

This is me (Richard) aged roughly 1 year.



These pictures were all taken at Christmas 1967 when Richard was 16 months old & Michael was 5. Even though the first are double exposed(?), I still think these pictures are very interesting. Look at the Christmas presents in the first photo!

Michael & Richard. I can see a birthday card for a 6 year old in the background so this must have been taken around the time of Michael's 6th birthday (August 1968) which would have made Richard almost 2.

Richard & Michael on a beach somewhere (probably Woolacombe in Devon). I'm not sure when this was taken but we both look to be a similar age to what we were in the photo above, so I think it could have been the same year or maybe one year later (1968 or 1969).

Again I'm not sure where or when this was taken but it looks like it was taken at a similar time to the one above.


Pete (Sara's brother) with Grandad Haywood


Pete again


Sara & Pete 1969 (probably)

Pat Haywood with Sara & Pete

Pete Haywood & Darren Ford are at the front. Mark Harman is on the right at the back. Not sure who the other two are.

This is me again (Richard) & I've got no idea how old I am (maybe 2 years old?).
Check out the fringe courtesy of my mum's wonderful hair dressing skills!
I'm not sure what look she was going for there. Perhaps she should have used a spirit level?!

A school photo of Michael & Richard. I don't know how old we are
but my guess is that
Michael is about 12 & Richard is about 8.

Michael's wearing the same cardigan in this picture!!!

This is a great picture of Sara & Pete (her older brother).
I'm not sure how old they are here but I'll take a guess at 3 (Sara) & 5 (Pete).

Sara aged about 3

Sara, David, & Pete (Sara's younger & older brothers).
Again I'm not sure on the ages, but I'll take a guess at 8 (Sara) 2 (Dave) and 10 (Pete).

Not sure when this was taken. Lovely hair!

This photo had "Jan 76" printed on the back so I am assuming that it was taken at Xmas in 1975. That old Philips telly was our first colour TV. Philips had assumed that there would be an ITV2 at some point in the near future so they made a button with that written on it. It's funny that ITV2 didn't exist until nearly 30 years later! Michael won the blue plaque thing for football. I think dad (Eric)won the cups playing cricket. Xmas was one of the very few times we ever had booze or fizzy drinks in the house hence the cider & sherry in the background.

Richard in a school photo (Stokenchurch Middle School).
Aged roughly 11.

These are Richard's grandparents on his dad's side. I think this picture was taken some time in the mid to late 80s. When anybody sees this picture they always say that this is how they remember them. Sadly they have both been gone some years now, but this picture brings back a lot of memories.

Richard, Carol & Michael at Michael & Carol's wedding 13/05/89

Richard & Sara, Tunisia 1989



In 1991 we got two lovely kittens which we named George & Sam. As you can see they were very cute. Sadly Sam, the lighter of the two, was run over & killed when he was about a year old. George, despite also being knocked down by a car when he was about 4 years old, lived to the grand old age of 13. He had developed a tumor & lost a lot of weight very quickly. Unfortunately we had to have him put to sleep in July 2004. George & Sam have been included in the family photos section because we considered them very much part of our family.

Baby Ellen with Sara & Richard, 1 day after she was born.

Ellen aged 6 months.

One of my favourite pictures of Ellen (aged about 1 year).

Ellen aged 17 months.

Ellen aged about 3 years. She fell asleep wearing swimming goggles although we're not sure why she was wearing them in the first place!

Ellen on a bouncy castle in Worthing (aged about 3).

This is Felicity when she was just a few hours old. She was born on 02/09/98 & weighed 10 lb 3oz (?).

Ellen (aged 4) holding Felicity a few hours after she was born.
You can just see David (Sara's brother) on the left.

This is a picture of Sara's grandma Huggett holding Felicity on the day she was born (or maybe the day after). Her Grandad is looking on. Sadly Grandma Huggett is no longer with us.

Ellen & Felicity. I think Ellen is 4 & Felicity is about 6 months.

Richard's Grampie Green in 1998 aged 82 or 83. Unfortunately he passed away not long after this photo was taken.

Sara's Nanny & Grandad Haywood taken around 1999.

Taken at Isobel's Christening 13/05/01. Apart from the Higgs family, in the picture
are Angie & Paul Haywood (Sara's cousins), Dave Haywood (Sara's brother) &
Lisa Stibbs (an old friend).

A distant relative of the Higgs family from the Victorian era!

Isobel & her Uncle Pete, around March 2002.

Richard's Great Aunt Gladys from Hayling Island. Taken 21/03/02.
Sadly Gladys died in July 2004 aged almost 92.

Ellen with Bella, her cousin, at a dance show which their
dance school performed in March 2002. Bella is the daughter
of Pete & Caroline Haywood (Sara's brother & sister-in-law).

Richard & Isobel. Christmas Common Spring 2002.

Ellen & Felicity with one of the sculptures
(Nature Girl) at Christmas Common Spring 2002.

Isobel & Pat Haywood, Spring 2002.

The Higgs family in our back garden, Spring 2002.

Same as above but just the kids.


These were taken at our friend Helen Mitchell's birthday party on 24/08/02.
Felicity's pose in the picture on the left made me laugh.


Richard's mum & dad (Eric & Pat Higgs) Aug 2003.

The Higglets Nov 2004

The girls with a lamb at the local garden centre, April 2005.

School photo November 2005

Ellen's first school photo at secondary school, October 2006

Some photos of the girls taken by a professional photographer, October 2006

Ellen          Ellen


Litty          Litty


Izzy          Izzy


All the girls & Bertie!          Higglets


Ellen    Litty     Izzy

The Higgs & Haywood Girls
March 2008

Phoebe, Litty, Bella, Isobel, & Ellen.

Isobel, Phoebe, Litty, Bella, & Ellen.          Isobel, Ellen, & Litty


Ellen          Bella & Phoebe


Bella & Phoebe          Phoebe & Bella


Phoebe & Bella


The "Higgs Boys" July 2011 - L to R: Eric, Aiden, Richard, Michael

Susan & Ellen, Nov 2012



More Pictures to follow soon...........

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